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We have advance equipment and processes, as well as sophisticated quality testing methods.


Before production:
Raw material selection and inspection, to assure raw materials are qualified.
During production:
Advanced rolling mills and skilled workers, with on-line quality control and inspection.
Finished production:
Certified test is a must for clients to keep confidence on products, and take next step. We follow standards for spot testing or pre-shipment inspection.
Seaworthy packaging:
Excellent packaging is a crucial step for preventing goods from damage during transportation. It guarantees pipe and fittings

delivered to clients’ hand as per required quality and surface.


Before production


Furnace:This furnace is an Inductotherm frequency converted induction Furnace imported from America . The melting capacity can reach to 5 tons/hour while the traditional one can only release 0.5~1 ton/hour. This furnacehas high heating efficiency and low heat loss. It can produce good quality molten iron with stable elements.


Germany EIRICH automatic pouring machine:Our pouring machine is Germany EIRICH automaticpouring machine. The pouring speed is uniform and the casting products are with stable quality. Another important advantage is: This production line can realise “online inoculation”. We will add inoculant during the pouring process to reduce the decline of spheroidization level. (Usually, the spheroidization level of themelton iron will decline with time going. By adding inoculant we can reduce the decline speed of spheroidization level


DISA automatic Production
DISA sand processing system has multiple temperature and humidity monitoring points which can realise
 constant monitoring for the sand. Meanwhile, we have online detector for the casting sand.Each batch of sand will be detected first after being mixed. If qualified, then it will be used. Otherwise, automatic mixed again till qualified.This technology can gurantee that every batch sand will be qualified and the quality of the casting sand is stable and uniform so as to ensure the stable quality of the casting parts.For the traditional technology: Mix the sand according to the preset formula and then the mixed sand will be used. For each shift, only do sample inspection. If not qualified, then adjust the formula but now the unqualified sand has already been used. The casting sand may have large deviation which is hard to control. 



Automatic Mould Changing
We use the automatic mechanical arm to carry on mould changing. Compared with the traditional manual mould changing, it saves time and labors. It takes only 2~3 minutes to change one set mould while the manual will take about 20~30 minutes. Based on this, during the same working shift (usually 8 hours/day), we can produce products of more quanitities and more categories. All these can make the delivery time shorter.